Are you looking for a private STD Testing clinic in Albany, NY?

We’ve a number of STD Testing clinics in Albany area. You can get tested the same day of booking your test. There is no need to take any appointment for your test. Just visit our website , select your test, make payment online and visit any of our STD Testing center near you.

The Hudson River has enough significance and does not require any more introductions and just over the river lays a city that breathes culture and heritage is Albany NY. The city is known for its wilderness and being New York’s capital region the city has its own definition. In Albany, Sexually Transmitted Disease infected people are growing very fast. To make sure if you’ve an STD or not, getting tested is the only way out.

If you think you may be infected with an STD, don’t delay, get tested now.

STD Testing Albany, NY

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are really harmful for health and is even life threatening. Once a person becomes involved in unprotected sexual practices it is really essential for the individuals to undergo the STD testing process. It helps to find out any complications and can be easily treated in no time.  So if you are residing in Albany and you feel that you have been exposed to STD or just want to be sure that everything is fine then you can easily drop in at the STD clinic.

We offer STD Testing for all common STDs i.e Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Syphilis.

STD Testing Process

std testing albany

Our 3 steps STD Testing process

  1. Choose & Order Your Test Online
  2. Visit Your nearest STD Testing Center in Albany area.
  3. Get your results

The tests results are entirely confidential and will never be shared with anyone. Once the medical records and the paperwork are completed the patient generally gets to speak with the medical examiner for a brief counselling.

The tests are done and immunizations are provided for certain diseases in order to prevent it in future. The patients are given a call once the reports come and then the treatment starts. However, if the condition is critical in certain cases, then the individuals with complex treatment procedures.

Generally, for minor STDs one can expect to be cured within few weeks or a month, depending on the severity.

Patients are even counselled and made aware for the future.