Hepatitis B Test

Hepatitis B is one of the dangerous disease comes under the category of the hepatitis which will severely attack the liver parts. This infection will have the ability to cause both acute diseases and also chronic infections. This infection is caused mainly because of the hepatitis B virus and it can easily spread using the blood of the infected person. Mostly this disease will have a short span effect and then it will be easily cured automatically. Also if the people who are getting it for long term will result in the chronic hepatitis B disease. This disease have the capacity to spread easily win other people even they don’t face any symptoms. This city’s can also be spent through the semen, vaginal fluids and even the urine of the infected person. This article will cover the complete symptoms that are faced by the people and also the treatment to solve the hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B Test

Symptoms of Hepatitis B:

Most people doesn’t get any symptoms for this disease and hence they won’t consider any doctors. This results in some long term problems which cannot be stopped. But some people are getting some symptoms which is commonly reported by many infected patients. When the virus inside the body started growing, the people started getting various kinds of symptoms as follows.

  • Infected person will feel extreme tiredness
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Loss of appetite is the common symptoms for all kinds of hepatitis
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in the joints
  • Headache
  • Fever

First all the above symptoms will be faced by the people and then the strong symptoms like more abdominal pain, dark urine and even jaundice.

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Tests available for detecting Hepatitis B:

It is very necessary to take certain tests for detecting the disease in the quick way. HBV viral load is one of the right test available in the market which provides the essential way to detect the amount  of HBV virus present in the human body. HBV genotype is another common test used by doctors for detecting the hepatitis B infection. Ultrasound and liver biopsy are another common methods available for detecting the infection.

There are plenty of stages available for testing this disease which is clear explained here. Hepatitis B surface antigen will help in finding the proteins present in the surface of the virus. While he stories B surface antibody helps in detecting the antibody produced in response to the previous steps. Anti-hepatitis B core helps in detecting the IgM and IgG antibodies. All the above tests are initial tests and there are certain other steps to be carried out later for finding it more accurately. Viral DNA tests helps in finding the viral genetic material available in the blood. Finally the resistance mutations tests helps in detecting the mutations of the particular virus which results in causing the virus.

Preparation for Test:

The doctor will take the blood sample from the arm and it will cleaned with alcohol. If the result shows HBV surface antigen, then the presence of hepatitis B disease is confirmed. HBV type e antigen is another basic test results which confirms the presence of the hepatitis disease and also it is contagious.

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