Gonorrhea Test

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease and is very common in the United States next to chlamydia. This infection is caused mainly because of the bacteria known as neisseria gonorrhoeae. This infection will be caused mainly because of the unprotected oral sex or vaginal sex with multiple partners. This bacteria have the ability to grow quickly and multiply mainly in the moist areas of the reproductive part. This disease will also affect the human throat, anus and even mouth. It is very necessary to treat this disease quickly other wise it have the ability to spread locally.

Gonorrhea Test

Symptoms of Gonorrhea:

Symptoms of gonorrhea is very easy to identify as after getting this infection it will be revealed. By for men getting the symptoms will take more time and sometimes there won’t be any kind of symptoms. If the men doesn’t face any symptoms will likely to spread this deadly disease to the partner whom they have sex.

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For men, there are certain symptoms which can be noted easily which are mentioned below.

  • More urgency of the urination
  • A pus like discharge from the penis which will be in three different colors.
  • Redness at the opening of the penis
  • A persistent throat problem
  • Burning sensation during urination

For women, there are certain symptoms which can be noted easily are mentioned below.

Some discharge from the vagina similar like men’s penis

  • Pain during the time of urination
  • Throat problems
  • Pain during the sexual intercourse with your partner
  • Sharp pain in the lower abdomen
  • Mild fever

Gonorrhea Test:

There are various tests available which helps in identifying the presence of the disease. Nucleic acid amplification test helps in detecting the DNA of this disease and the result will be very accurate. This test can be carried easily using the urine sample or blood fluid if the human body.

Nucleic acid hybridization test will be carried out using the blood fluid of the human body. Gonorrhea culture is another natural test which is taken using the blood fluids which is taken in the infected area. Gram stain is one of the common test for this disease which is done using the fluid from the penis. Gram stain is used only for men for identifying the presence of the disease quickly. This method is not not applicable with the samples of women. If the result is positive, then the infected person should take appropriate prevention measures to live a better life. Negative results shows clearly that there is no evidence of having this disease.

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Right Time to Test:

After getting some symptoms, it is very necessary to test immediately in the best healthcare provider. After having sex with multiple partners, it is very necessary to test for this infection to prevent yourself from long term cautions. These test can be carried out when the doctor sees increased vaginal discharge, bleeding of vaginal intercourse or painful urination. There are some people who have this infection will end their life soon are the sex workers and also affected with other sexually transmitted disease.