Chlamydia Test

Chlamydia is one kind of dangerous infection which is caused because of the sexual transmission in humans. It is mainly caused by the bacteria named chlamydia trachomatis which is spread commonly through sexual contact. Mostly the people who are suffering from this infection doesn’t have often symptoms. Hence it is very difficult to know whether a person is affected by chlamydia infection or not. This infection is very easy to treat and hence it is necessary for every people to know whether they are suffering from this infection.

Chlamydia Test

Symptoms of Chlamydia:

We cannot say there are no symptoms for chlamydia as there are patients who have reported evenly are considered as the symptoms. Especially women don’t feel any symptoms if they have this deadly disease. The below are some of the symptoms faced by both men and women.

Women who have chlamydia infection will face the following symptoms.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bleeding between the menstrual cycle
  • Low fever
  • Painful intercourse
  • More pain during the urinating time
  • Swelling inside the vagina

Men who have chlamydia infection will face the following symptoms.

  • Swelling around the Anus
  • Pain during the urinating time
  • Swollen testicles

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Tests for Chlamydia:

Nucleus acid amplification test is the best one available for this disease which helps in finding the chlamydia. This test helps in amplifying the DNA which is present in the chlamydia trachomatis. It is considered as the sensitive tests carried out which uses the urine samples of men and women.

The centre of disease control and prevention team says that every sex assaults should undergo this testing. If the result is positive in this test, then the person should undergo treatment with necessary antibodies. A negative test results will clearly says that the person is not infected with this disease.

Right time to test for Chalamydia:

Only a healthcare provider knows when to take these tests and hence for all kind of problem it is necessary to visit healthcare. If someone have problems like abdominal pain, vaginal discharge or some unknown discharge from the penis needs to undergo this tests. This disease will go viral only when the person haves other sexually transmitted disease like HIV. Having plenty of sex partners will result in getting this disease and also the sex workers are getting these kind of diseases.

Preparation for the test:

It is very necessary to prepare for the sexual test because this results in providing the complete details about the infection you are facing. STD screening test is one of the best option which provides the perfect result. Also most of the screening involved only urine based testing but it is very necessary to detect non genital infections. During the testing time, they will ask for the number of partners you had along with the positions of the sex you had. It is very necessary to be honest and say the complete details in the perfect way. Everyone knows that telling the information will be the embarrassing situation but it is very necessary to say to stay alive for long time without infection.

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You can also download Chlamydia fact sheet from here.