HIV RNA Test (HIV Early Detection Test)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus better known as HIV is a deadly virus that has the ability to affect the immune system drastically. When a person gets infected with this virus then it takes about 3 months for the virus to affect the immunity, indicating a positive HIV antibody test. However, in some cases it can even take longer. This period where the virus enters the body, yet remains undetected by the antibody test is known as “window period”. During the window period the test results are negative, thus wide range of tests or a viral load is required to trace the presence of the virus.


What Exactly Is HIV Early Detection Test?

HIV early detection test is a form of test done to detect the virus even before it starts showcasing its symptoms. There are many two tests involved in this type and they are

  • HIV p24 Antigen Test: This is the most widely used test used for finding the traces of HIV virus through p24 protein. HIV virus is related with the appearance of p24 protein in the blood stream. This protein tends to develop just three weeks after the virus enters the body. Most of the time the levels of p24 protein remain at its peak at four to five weeks of the window period.
  • HIV NAAT Test: The NAAT test on the other hand is sensitive and discovers the traces of HIV RNA in the blood. This test can detect as soon as 14 days after the virus has captured the body. In fact, unlike the HIV p24 test NAAT gives accurate results and is best for those who precise results at the early stage of HIV. There are certain protocols proposed by researchers to enhance the techniques of the test so that it can be used everywhere.

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How To Come Prepared For HIV Early Detection Test?

The early detection HIV test is carried to trace the virus after its exposure inside the body in at least 9-12 days. It is common to other forms of blood test, so no uncomfortable swabbing or undressing is necessary for the procedure. Just a sample of blood is taken to detect whether the measure of antibodies that protect the body from HIV.

Advantages of HIV Early Detection Test

There are many advantages of going with HIV early detection test and some of them are

  • When the patient is aware about the presence of the virus inside their body at an early stage then they will be capable of making responsible decision and thus avoid having sex or transfusion of body fluids with a healthy person, thus preventing exposure of the virus from an infected to a healthy being.
  • Detecting the virus at an early stage will even save the patient from the anxiety and depression that they would have faced at the final stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HIV Early Detection Test

Why is HIV Early Detection Test Important? Studies indicate that the sooner HIV virus is diagnosed the better its prognosis can be. Thus helping the victim to lead a normal and healthy life ahead.

How Does This Help In Improving Medication? When detected at an earlier stage right medication can be given on time which would slow down the intensity of the virus. If the patient is pregnant then being aware about your condition at an early stage can allow them to protect the baby. HIV antibody test is another test that you can go for to detect HIV.