Oral Herpes Test

Herpes is a severe sexually transmitted disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). There are two types of HSV, the type one is better known as HSV-1 and often causes oral infection whereas the type two is HSV-2 which triggers genital infection. In this section, we are going to focus on oral herpes; its tests, how you should come prepared for it and symptoms.

Oral Herpes Test- Things You Should Know

Just like any other test, even oral herpes is a simple laboratory test, where blood samples are taken (mostly the sores projecting on the mouth) and stained with a staining agent called Tzanck Smear. This staining agent detects the presence of non specific nucleus changes influenced by HSV. After the results are obtained, a final examination is done known as the antigen and antibodies study which helps in determining whether the infection is caused due to HSV-1 or HSV-2 virus accurately.

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How To Come Prepared For Oral Herpes Test?

When you have booked an appointment for oral herpes test then there are a few things that should be ensured by you. Essentially, this is a blood test where lab technicians take a small amount of blood and use them for recognizing whether you are a victim of oral herpes or not. When you come for the rest

  • Be clear about your medical history and thus answer each and every question asked by the doctor accurately
  • Fasting is crucial when one comes for the test, because the fasting blood samples are always considered for the test.

Causes of Oral Herpes- How does it begin?

Being a sexually transmitted disease, herpes usually occur when transmission of body fluid takes place in-between an infected person to a healthy person. The herpes simplex virus can even affect the offspring, if the parent suffers from the disease. When infected, this virus starts replicating extensively and spreads across the sensory nerves of the nervous system and stays there forever. There are chances of re-occurrence of the virus which mainly happens when the body suffers from stress, low immunity and excess exposure of sunlight.

Understanding Oral Herpes Symptoms

The incubation period of the herpes simplex virus is 12 days however; certain signs are even in six to four days too. The duration of illness can last from four weeks to forever if it is not cured on time using oral herpes test.

Common symptoms of oral herpes which should never be neglected are

  • Sore appears inside and outside the mouth with itching sensation. At times, the sore appears as a pimple after which clusters of blisters ooze out, these are yellow in color and often develop a curt over the pimple like sore.
  • Intense pain starts triggering at sore, making it difficult to eat, drink and even carry out day-to-day activities.
  • Sores start spreading over the mouth and expand till the chin and neck too.
  • Virus even gets to the throat causing intense pain and certain signs of ulcer, which can be discovered by a grayish coating over the tonsils.

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FAQ- Oral Herpes Test is Important

For treating oral herpes, especially HSV-2 doctors first need to detect the presence of virus inside the body. To do this the only thing that they would need is oral herpes test. Why going for herpes test just after witnessing certain symptoms of the disease is important? Well, as said this virus takes over the nerve cells of the body and thus can drastically affect your physiological and psychological well being for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes people confuse this test with Genital Herpes Test.