Hepatitis A Test

Hepatitis is one kind of bacterial infection which clearly attacks the liver portion of the body. Mainly hepatitis A will cause more inflammation to the livers for it will finally result in sickness. This disease if not treated at the right time will cause liver cancer and even cirrhosis. Hepatitis A is mainly caused to the people  because of the intake of the food which is  contaminated. As this virus have the spreading power which results in spreading to other people when they have some sexual intercourse without protection. This disease will have both mild and severe symptoms which results in life threatening one. This article will provide the clear details about the hepatitis A disease along with the symptoms for identifying it. Curing this disease is very simple if we follow the medical standards in quick time.

Hepatitis A Test

Tests Available for Hepatitis A:

IgM anti-HAV antibodies is one of the latest method available which helps in detecting the virus which causes hepatitis A. This test can be carried out using the blood of the infected person. This tests will be conducted in the early stages of the infection and helps in diagnosing it properly from the acute conditions. This test is known as acute hepatitis panel testing.

IgG anti-HAV antibodies helps in providing the clear support to the people who are suffering from this disease. This antibodies will provide lifelong protection for the infected person. Potential donors will be screened properly to prevent from these kind of diseases.

Both these tests are commonly known as HAV tests ouch helps in finding the present and past infections. There are some other tests available which include the liver panel, ALT and ACT.

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Results of the Tests:

There are four different results for these results which are clearly explained below. First positive in IGM alone and IGG isn’t performed will show clearly that you are suffering from acute or recent infections. Having negative in IGM and positive in IgG shows clearly that the person is having some previous exposure to these diseases. Only IgG alone is performed and the result is positive will result in showing the presence of the disease but it’s not acute infection. If the result of IgG is negative, then there is no choice of getting the diseases in past.

Preparation for hepatitis A infection:

No separate preparation is needed for the above mentioned tests. It is just the blood testing it will take few minutes to take blood from your body and some more time to analyze the results for the above mentioned tests.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A:

Sometimes people who have this disease don’t have any symptoms. This symptoms will be faced by the newly infected persons soon within 2 to 6 weeks. But if the people who are facing this disease will have the following symptoms.

  • Always the people will feel tired
  • Muscle soreness
  • Stomach upset
  • High and mild fever frequently
  • Appetite loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Yellow coloured urine
  • Diarrhoea

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