Diagnose HIV Infections Accurately Through HIV Antibody Test

HIV antibody test is carried out to find the traces of Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus primarily weakens the immune system of the body by destroying essential antibodies needed to fight against various diseases. Early treatment is crucial for an HIV infected person because there is no cure for this disease. This is why proper care and treatment given on time can allow the infected person to lead a normal life ahead.

HIV Antibody Test

Things to know about HIV Antibody Test

Not just one but two different tests have been developed for screening the presence of HIV in the immune system of the body.

  • Combination tests are used to detect HIV antibody and even HIV antigen better known as p24 antigen. The levels of p24 antigen appear to be quite high at the initial phase of the infection. The combination tests give precision ensuring HIV is detected soon after it starts replicating inside the body.
  • Another antibody test is meant to find HIV-1 virus using blood or oral samples. This test is commonly preferred, but is not the best on for detecting HIV-2 virus.

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How To Come Prepared For HIV Antibody Test?

Every patient who books an appointment for this test first has to consult with a trained physician. This is crucial because the physical can help in determining whether the signs of HIV are prevalent in the patient, thus do they need the rest or not.

Always have your medical documents ready when you come for HIV tests. This is a simple blood test where sample of your blood is taken to find the antibodies of HIV virus.

Frequently Asked Questions about HIV Antibody Test

No matter which HIV antibody test is used, the results should always be positive to indicate the presence of the virus. This is later followed with second test to diagnose HIV, at present the common test protocol that is part of the initial screening of the infection is immunoassay (IA). Here, if a patient gets positive then the HIV antibody IA test is repeated again. The second test is quite sensitive and uses a method called Western Blot. This confirms the results produced in the first test because even false positive results can occur at the first test.

Working with an aim of enhancing the antibody test, a new test protocol is formulated; however it is not implemented yet. With time doctors and clinics will soon start using it through these steps

  • HIV screened through HIV antibody/antigen or even an HIV antibody test
  • Verifying the positive results with second test and this will even differentiate in between HIV -2 and HIV-1
  • If different results are obtained from Test-1 and Test-2 then a final test is used, the HIV-1 RNA nucleic acid amplification tests. Here, if HIV-1 RNA stands positive then the reports remain to be positive.

When Should You Go For HIV Antibody Test?

Doctors recommend annual screening for those who remain at high risks of HIV, other than that it is even crucial for those who

  • Is a male and had sex with another male
  • Had used drugs, especially street drugs and have even shared needles for taking them
  • Had sex which is unprotected with multiple partners
  • Had sex with a partner who holds positive HIV
  • Had exchanged money and drugs for sex
  • Had sex with someone who holds uncertain sexual behaviour, for example prostitutes.

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One time test is very important for an individual, independent upon their age. Because HIV is even transmitted from the parent to the infant, leading to drastic effects on the immunity.

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